Cumberland Division, SER-NMRA

CVMR Photo Section

PRR class G22 gondola
Photo by Burl Rice

Westerfield HO PRR class G22 gondola with steel slab load built by CVMR member Garrett Rea

Garrett outlines how be built the realistic load: "I took a sheet of styrene close to about 3-4" thick in HO, cut them so they were 3'x11'-12' in length. I kept the raw score lines as is with minimal clean up. These were glued together in stacks. They were then painted BAR blue in color. Over this went a coat of dull aluminum, the blue gives a little "depth" in the color. Then as the silver ran out in the gun, I added a drop or two of the light SP orange for a VERY light coat of rust, new rust, the almost yellow kind. Loaded on three full car width 6"x6"s with scale 2"x4"s in the interior pockets. The idea was taken from a sting of NYC gons with such loads that are in a photo in an old Rails Northeast....the subject of the photo was a PRR T-1 on the track behind them. Slab steel still goes to rolling mills in this manner."

Updated: 11/13/03