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E8 Locomotive #6902

Locomotive 6902 was built for the New York Central in 1953 and originally numbered 4048. The locomotive served the New York Central, Penn Central, New Jersey Transit, and the New Georgia Railroads before being used on the Broadway Dinner Train in Nashville for several years. It retains its Broadway maroon and silver paint scheme.

The 6902 was joined by sister locomotives 4064 and 4080 on TCRM excursions for several years. These two locomotives were also built in 1953 for the New York Central. After many years of passenger and commuter service on a variety of railroads, 4064 and 4080 were sold to a private individual who restored them to their original NYC paint scheme. These locomotives pulled TCRM excursions for several years but were sold in early 2007 to a museum in New York State for service on an ex-NYC line.

NYC E8 4080 in 1956
NYC E8 4080 charges through Westfield, New York in May of 1956.
Photo from the Randy Masales collection.

NYC E8 4068 in 2001
NYC E8 4068 leads a TCRM excursion in September of 2001.
Photo by Brian Turner.

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