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Slumbercoach 2095

Our sleeping car, the Silver Repose, was built by the Budd Company in 1956 for the Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy (CB&Q) railroad. The unusual window configuration is the result of the design of the single bedrooms. The floor height is staggered on alternating rooms to squeeze the maximum number of single bedrooms into a minimum amount of space, resulting in small but private sleeping car accomodations that were priced only slightly above regular coach seating. 42 persons can be accomodated in 24 single and 8 double bedrooms.

After serving for many years on Burlington's Zephyrs, the car was bought and used by Amtrak until finally being retired. The Museum purchased car 2095 in the late 1990's and uses it primarily for crew sleeping accomodations on overnight trips.

Stephen J. Levine rode on the Silver Repose while it was in service on the CB&Q, and was kind enough to provide his experince and a little history. He writes:

"Just thought I would share a little information on the Silver Repose and her 3 sister slumbercoaches that originally ran on the CB&Q Denver Zephyr.

"Although I probably met the Repose earlier, having first rode the 1956 Denver Zephyr in the spring of 1957, I did not notice car names until 1961 and did not notice the Repose specifically until June 26, 1965, when I rode the car on CB&Q #10 eastbound from Denver to Chicago. Notable about this trip was our ride through flooded Northeastern Colorado. My younger brother and I had a double room on the left side of the car. As we crept across Bijou Creek, west of Wiggins, Colorado, there was nothing but mud around us. The north bridge on I-80S (now I-76) was totally washed out and the south bridge was cracked with sunken pillars so it went up and down. A car inched across it as we passed. Then, beside the newly-reconstructed roadbed, the "way of the zephyrs" was a twisted wreck of trackage, going over a treestump and then into a puddle of water. I had never seen anything like it.

"The last that I saw of the Silver Repose was in October of 1993, on the rear of Amtrak's Westbound Cardinal.

"The Silver Repose was one of four Budd "Siesta Coaches" built by the Edward G. Budd Manufacturing Company for the 1956 reequipping of the Denver Zephyr. The other three were:
Silver Rest
Silver Siesta
Silver Slumber

"The Silver Siesta was burned by vandals in the mid 1980's while in Sunnyside Yard in Queens, NY. The Silver Rest was scrapped last year (2000). Only the Silver Slumber and the Silver Repose remain of these ex-DZ cars, the first of their kind.

"A total of 18 24-single room 8-double room slumbercoaches were built and they ran on the Baltimore and Ohio, the Missouri Pacific, the New York Central and the Northern Pacific. In addition, 10 16-single room 10-double room slumbercoaches were converted by Budd for the New York Central Railroad from 22 roomette cars of Budd manufacture and NYC ownership. The slumbercoaches were always popular accommodations, even under Amtrak, and I can personally attest to having to make reservations months ahead of time to get space on those of the DZ. However, age and the fact that the 32 toilets in them drained directly onto the track ultimately resulted in their demise."

By the way, car 2095 still has its 32 toilets, but the Museum does not use them!

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