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Coaches 4802 and 4806

Coach 4806

RPCX 4802 and RPCX 4806 open window coaches were originally built as lightweight coaches by American Car and Foundary for the Union Pacific Railroad in 1954 as UP 5455 and UP 5467 respectively. These coaches were purchased by UP as part of a program to renew its passenger fleet in the 1950s and feature aluminum skin instead of the steel more commonly found on similar coaches of the period.

In 1969 these UP sold these coaches to the Grand Trunk and Western Railroad where they obtained the road numbers GTW 4802 and GTW 4806. In 1978 they were again sold to SEMTA (Southeastern Michigan Transportation Authority) for commuter service out of Pontiac, MI. Eventually SEMTA retired these cars and the became part of the collection of the Mad River and Nickel Plate Historical Society. They entered excursion service for operations such as Norfolk Southern, where they most likely ran behind Nickel Plate 765 and Frisco 1522 a time or two, and later for the Cuyahoga Valley and Hardin Southern.

In 1996 4802 was bought by Ray Kammer of Lake Central Railtours and he leased 4806 from Bill Fuerhing. Together, the cars ran all over Michigan over the Tuscola & Saginaw Bay, a couple of times behind Pere Marquette 1225, two seasons on the Southwest Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh, and two seasons in the Indiana Northeastern RR out of Angola, IN , before returning to Michigan.

TCRM purchased these coaches in early 2007.

Coach 4806 interior

Sister coach UP 5483

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