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The TC Railway Museum takes great pride in our excursion equipment. Our typical excursion train has a capacity of approximately 400 passengers, carried in air-conditioned streamlined stainless steel equipment. Our cars are equipped with Amtrak-compatible Head End Power (HEP), and the museum owns two 480 volt power cars. The Museum's buffet lounge and dining cars haves facilities for preparing everything from snacks to complete meals, and our slumbercoach contains private sleeping accommodations for up to 42 people on overnight trips. The train includes a concessions car complete with gift shop. The museum also has access to additional privately owned equipment including dome, buffet-lounge, and office cars. Excursion trains are typically pulled by vintage F7 and E8 diesel locomotives.

Steam Locomotie #576: Please note that tours of the 576 will ONLY be conducted on selected Saturdays when Nashville Steam Preservation Society volunteers are there to conduct the tours. Please see the the NSPS website for more information.

TCRM Excursion Train

Museum Roster

TypeDescriptionReporting MarksHeritage
Locomotive EMD F7A, Blt. 1952 719 B&LE
Locomotive EMD F7A, Blt. 1952 715 B&LE
LocomotiveEMD GP7, Blt. 1951L&N 405L&N 405
LocomotiveEMD SW1, Blt. 1939Westvaco 4800IC 9014,600/RI 4800
LocomotiveEMD SW8TC 52USA 2038
Locomotive EMD GP10 8349 IC/P&L
Sleeper 10/6 2467
CoachBudd 48-seat, 1953TC 4711AT&SF/Amtrak
CoachBudd 48-seat, 1953TC 4717AT&SF/Amtrak
CoachBudd 48-seat, 1953TC 4719AT&SF/Amtrak
CoachBudd 48-seat, 1953TC 4733AT&SF/Amtrak
Coach Budd 54-seat TC 7628 AT&SF/Amtrak
Coach ACF, Blt. 1954 RPCX 4802 UP 5455/ GTW 4802/ SEMTA
Coach ACF, Blt. 1954 RPCX 4806 UP 5467/ GTW 4806/ SEMTA
SlumbercoachBudd 24 Single/8 Double, 1956 TC 2095CB&Q 4903/ Amtrak 2095
Buffet-Diner-LoungeBudd 48-seatTC 3119PRR/Amtrak
Dining Car Budd 48-seat, 1948 TC 8519 NYC 450/ PC 4550/ Amtrak 8330/8519
Baggage CarACF 72', 1955 Commisary CarTC 1266AT&SF 3766/ Amtrak 1266
Baggage Car480 V Power CarTC 1354Amtrak
Baggage Car 85', Blt. 1940 10090 "Silver Chest" Amtrak
Railway Post Office480 V/ 450 KW Power CarTC 514RI/BWDX
Railway Post OfficeAir Brake Inst. Car, Blt. 1934N&E 409N&W 160/ Wabash 454
Scale Test CarBuilt 1917LN 41499NC&StL
Flatcar 50', Blt. 6-59 TC 2795 WM 7030
Box Car60' Sliding DoorSOU 43962
Box Car50' Plug DoorTCRX 170
Box Car50' Sliding DoorSCL 60776
CabooseBay WindowSOU X358
CabooseExt. Vision CupolaTCRX 1155SCL
CabooseBay WindowL&N 6113
CabooseBay WindowB&O 903981
CabooseBay WindowL&N 6447
CabooseCupolaL&N 159
CabooseWood w/CupolaTC 9857
M of W Tool Car
SBD 973437Camp Car
M of W Bunk Car
SBD 762575

TCRM also uses privately owned equipment on many trains. A partial list is given below.

Type Description Reporting Marks Heritage
Locomotive EMD E8, 1953 TCRX 6902 NYC 4084/ PC/ NJT/ NG/ BWDX
Locomotive EMD F7B, Blt. 1952 719B B&LE
Locomotive EMD F7B, Blt. 1952 715B B&LE
Dome Car Budd, 1954 NERR 9400 NP 551/ Amtrak 9400
Office Car Budd TC 103 SRR 10-6 Sleeper/ Rblt. as Private Car/ Auto Train 9012
Lounge Car Budd, 1947 TC 4067 PRR/BWDX
Buffet- Diner- Lounge Budd 48-seat TC 3113 Amtrak
Coach Budd 48-seat, 1953 TC 4739 AT&SF/ Amtrak
Coach Budd 76-seat TC 7602 PRR 1579/ Amtrak 7410
CabooseExt. Vision CupolaC&O 903325
Sleeper P-S 10-6 2853 Southern
Table Car P-S, Blt. 1950 BWDX 245 ACL Coach 245/ SAL 5467/ Atk 5467

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